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Add an innovation to your business with the Digital Catalog working with QR Code system.

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What is the Digital Catalog ?

The new generation catalogs that have been transferred to the digital platform used in many industries and sectors such as health care, tourism, food and more are called Digital Catalog.

Digital Catalog Features

DigiCatZ , adds many features and services to your digital catalog. Besides, you can discover more features and services by joining us.


Your Digital Catalog is optimized and designed to be shown to customers in the fastest way possible.

Instant Delivery

Once you sign up for the Digital Catalog, you can prepare your digital catalog.

Instant Order

You can open or close online orders for your business.

Voice Catalog

With the system we have prepared for our visually impaired citizens, you can create a special voice catalog for each page.

Changeable Catalog

You can create your catalogs either in PDF or dynamically.

Easy Management

You can easily manage your catalog as you wish.

Multiple Design

You can adjust the design of your Digital Catalog in many ways.


Every transaction made on the Digital Catalog is recorded and presented to you as a report.

Live Images

Every picture you add to your Digital Catalog is optimized and animated and uploaded to the system.


Your Digital Catalog is only published on the web. In this way, you save your customers time.

Compatible on Every Device

DigiCatZ works harmoniously on every device. You will not have any design problems.

Quick Support

DigiCatZ is developed with a focus on business satisfaction. Any problem, you can contact us quickly.


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